The Buyer’s Guide to Purchasing an Xbox One Steering Wheel

Making a purchase of any machine isn’t easy and an Xbox one steering wheel is one sensitive purchase. But Xboxcircle is here to make your buying journey smoother. This article will look into the various factors you should consider that include the steering wheel size and rotation, build quality, pedals, force feedback, and your budget. Notably, each of these factors will heavily affect the price of the product you want to buy – the more and advanced the features the higher the prices. There are more aspects to consider but we have ranked these to get you started easily on your purchase.

Steering Wheel Size

The wheel size is a consideration dependant on the extent you want the simulation to replicate the real driving experience. Although it might not be the intention of some gaming companies with Xbox just being a simulation, you have to look keenly if the product is officially licensed to replicate the real car steering wheel. For example, the Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 racing wheel, officially licensed by Ferrari and Xbox One, is a realistic 28cm and is a 7/10 replica of the real 458 steering wheel. Notably, this extra feature comes with a hefty price tag compared to the regular controllers.

Wheel Rotation

It’s official, these wheels won’t give us a one-for-one driving experience. But some companies are breaking these barriers in the degree of rotation to enhance the input sensitivity. Regular wheels have the angle of rotation from 270 degrees while the premium wheels offer from 1080 degrees. Therefore, the turning will need less rotation from the regular wheel but more rotation from the premium wheel. The higher range of rotation brings the real driving closer to home. Then again, the regular wheel may cost from $80 while the advanced and more realistic wheel like T500RS could cost you a cool $550.

Build Quality

Equally important is the build quality that influences the durability of the product. Poor build quality could make the product cheaper but evens out when you keep replacing parts or the whole product in a short time. However, there are pocket-friendly and solid products like the Logitech G920. The focus on inspecting build quality should be on the pedal and any other accessories since some companies perfect the wheels and rough up materials on the pedals. We recommend an entire metal construction of the parts and wheels overlaid with well-stitched leather for sure product robustness.


In most instances, the wheel and pedals come as a set but it doesn’t hurt to double-check your purchase. A typical pedal may be made of plastic and braced by an elastic band or belt. Its a functional type but compromises on durability. On the other hand are models with plastic parts but that are reinforced and the structure is made with metal panels. These models amplify resistance and also allow for custom changes such as changing the spacing of pedals. Moreover, premium models have floor hinged pedals coupled with sensor technology. These types compute sensor pressure instead of the pedal position.

Force feedback

The force feedback is the simulated physical attributes of real driving added to the wheel for an enhanced gaming experience. The wheels tend to have motors that add resistance. The resistance immerses you into the game, animating the jolts and bumps of terrain changes in the steering wheel while driving. With this in mind, most wheels have the vibration mode but may lack the motor. You can take the product inspection a notch higher by looking into the type of motor used. Moreover, there are super-charged models that ramp up the experience with industrial motors.


It’s always advisable to not break the bank when purchasing your equipment. Yes, you may want the best but it’s a free for all out there, something for everyone. All said, the higher the price the greater the gaming experience. The price of the steering wheels is impacted by the quality of build and features like force feedback. Close replicas of real racing wheels also tend to be expensive. It’s important to note if it’s an arcade racing game you may not need to buy pedals, but for simulation games, the extra accessories should be considered.

In conclusion, buying an Xbox One steering wheel isn’t a cherry-picking but demands for a watchful eye. The focus of your purchase is based on your gaming preference i.e., arcade or simulation gaming. This now will inform the accessories you need other than the wheel. The extra accessories include the clutch, wheel motors (for force feedback), and pedals that increase the gaming experience. Likewise, you should check the compatibility of the product with your Xbox One, and, last but not least, is your budget. Don’t just sit there, get busy online and buy your new steering wheel.