About the Xbox One power supply

The following article aims to share some basic information and tips about keeping the power running to your Xbox One and its controllers. We will discuss information on the Xbox One power supply of the controllers, the power chords and some tips regarding power supply care. It stands to note that the Xbox One X and S have different internal power supplies but they work in all regions worldwide. It is also important to remember that in terms of support, using any other power supply besides the standard one supplied with the Xbox One might damage your equipment and void the warranty.

Xbox One Controllers

The standard controller for the Xbox, also referred to as the Xbox One wireless controller, is the main controller with the Xbox One video game consoles. It features an energy-efficient design and takes AA batteries as opposed to other gaming console controllers that have built-in batteries. There is also no default Xbox One charger. However, the features such as the new rumble motors within the triggers for directional haptic feedback means that the battery life is not that great. This means that you are going to have to interrupt your eSports game to swap out your Xbox One controller batteries.

Xbox One Controller battery

Currently, Xbox gamers have options regarding the power supply to their controllers as there is no default Xbox One controller battery. You can connect directly to the Xbox One via Micro USB cable and use off the shelf rechargeable or disposable batteries. Most gamers take issue with this as the Micro USB cable does not come supplied with the console. Even a relatively expensive pack of batteries does not prevent the fact that the controller will deplete this power source in relatively little time. Even for the environmentally conscious, Microsoft has a retort and state that rechargeable AA batteries are not recommended.

Xbox One Play & Charge Kit

A general player complaint, especially with players playing long eSports games is the battery life of the controllers. One very handy accessory that is, unfortunately, an optional extra to the Xbox, is the Xbox One Play and Charge Kit. This allows you to recharge you Xbox controllers during play or afterwards while the Xbox is in standby mode. The internal long-lasting battery is rechargeable and reaches full charge in about 4 hours. This eliminates the need for having to keep disposable batteries and having to swop flat batteries out while you are playing. It comes complete with a micro USB cord.

XBox One power supply

When the Xbox One rolls off the factory floor, it comes out with a fan-assisted external power supply with the dimensions: 6.69 x 1.88 x 2.96 inches. In centimetres this is about 17 cm x 4.8 cm x 7.5 cm). If you for some reason have to replace your Xbox One power supply, then this is the sizing that you need to look out for. This sizing and dimensions are exactly the same for the 100 – 240V, 100 – 110V and 220 – 240V versions. Do not use Microsoft unlicensed accessories between the Xbox and the power supply.

Xbox One power chords

The Xbox One comes complete with a hard wire direct current power chord that you plug into your Xbox directly. The DC chord is just over 1 metres long and has a proprietary Xbox connector attached to the end specifically designed for the Xbox One X and Xbox One S. From the power supply to the wall socket there is a detachable AC chord which is about 1.2 metres in length. If you use a power cord not designed for Xbox or the power supply, you might damage your equipment and Microsoft will not cover the damages.

Xbox One Power supply placement & temperature

The power supply cooling fan should start when the Xbox One is turned on. The fan turns off when the Xbox enters energy-saving mode or when the power supply is disconnected. In Instant-On mode the power supply and fan will remain on. When your Xbox is in energy-saving mode or when it’s disconnected from its power supply, the fan is turned off. As the power supply changes temperature, the fan speed will increase or decrease along with the sound that the fan makes. But always make sure that the airflow around the power supply is good.

The battery-life shortcomings of the Xbox One controllers can be overcome by adding the Xbox One Play & Charge Kit to your set up. It is just impractical for the eSports gamer to run the controllers on the AA batteries. Always remember to replace worn power chords and power supply parts with licensed Microsoft parts to ensure support and to minimize downtime due to faulty equipment. The cooling fan plays an important role in the operation of the power supply and should be monitored for faults. Look after your power supply and the Xbox will ensure your eSports experience is uninterrupted.