Best Xbox Accessories

With a vast array of accessories to choose from for your Xbox, you have a lot of ways to customize and improve your experience.

Having the best accessories means you get a high-end gaming experience, which is really what many gamers would prefer to enjoy.

If you are not in the place to sift through the many options available, here are expert picks that you can rely on to dramatically improve your gaming experience.

Add all or some of these accessories if you want to add flexibility in your gaming.

Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller

The One Elite Wireless Controller offers an improvement to the standard 360 controller.

This controller comes with swappable thumbsticks and includes directional pads that give you a better feel compared to the standard controller. Also, using this controller ensures quick-hit triggers, which are useful in high-impact shooters.

Designed with a rechargeable battery, the controller offers a USB-C connector that gives you fast charging.

Additionally, it features interchangeable sticks and although pricey, making use of this customization is absolutely worth it. Basically, it’s every gamer’s dream kind of accessory for playing on Xbox.

Seagate 8TB External Hard Drive

xbox hard drive

A few years back, having a massive hard drive incorporated into the console was the dream of many gamers. But this is no longer necessary as you can now get big external storage.

Today, 1 terabyte is not much considering the size of most Xbox games. Therefore, having an external hard drive is a plus.

Simply, the bigger the better, and what better can you get than the Seagate 8TB External Hard Drive? It costs as much as many 4 TB drives with the benefit of extra space.

The only challenge about this drive is that it works with its own power supply.

Xbox Accessories – Turtle Beach Elite Pro Headset

Headsets allow you to enjoy games as loud as you love without disturbing others. While searching for headsets, you want the best sound and strong build quality.

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro wireless headset excels in all those aspects as you get perfect sound quality and the headset connects directly to your console.

With crystal-clear treble and huge bass, you will get deeply immersed in the game.

Also expect exemplary comfort as these headsets have thick earpads that block all ambient noise, allowing you to enjoy the games you love on Xbox uninterrupted.

Xbox One Media Remote

Sometimes you want to use your Xbox as a streamer, TV watcher, or a Blu-ray player. In this case, it can be frustrating to have to remember the correct controller command for the closed captions.

The One Media Remote removes the hassle to let you be in control and enjoy using your console for other entertainment. You can switch to watch your favorite content when you are not playing games.

This remote is a perfect size, fits all-important commands like volume, and it is also sleek with backlight that makes it perfect for late-night video-watching.

Xbox Accessories – Racing Wheel with Pads

There’s no better way to enjoy Xbox racing games than with a racing wheel with pads. This accessory is designed to give you a fully immersive experience that will make you feel immersed in the race.

You will love the feedback you get from the driving wheel. The experience is miles better than using the standard controller to play racing games on the console.

With a spinning cycle of up to 900 degrees and a dozen functional buttons, the wheel gives you an experience similar to what you would get driving a real sports racing car.

Xbox Play and Charge Kit

If you are using an Xbox wireless controller that is powered by AA batteries, you will appreciate the usefulness of the Play and Charge Kit.

It gets rid of batteries by giving your controller a rechargeable battery pack, which is cost-effective in the long run compared to using AAs. You simply pop the kit and play and if a charge is depleted, you can recharge the battery pack with a micro-USB even while playing.

This kit allows you to stay in the game longer as you don’t need to pause to replace batteries.

You can greatly improve your gaming experience on the console by simply adding a few vital accessories. Things like storage space and sound quality should be well taken care of if you look to have a setup that will make you always crave to play games.

These accessories do not necessarily need to be the most expensive, but you should lay emphasis on quality and smoothness of operation.

The above accessory suggestions are a good place if you look to build a station that will satisfy all your expectations.


What are the best accessories for Xbox one?

In my opinion:
1. Microsoft Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller
2. Thrustmaster TMX racing wheel
3. Microsoft One Play and Charge Kit
4. Snakebyte Twin Charge X
5. SteelSeries Arctis 9X Wireless Gaming Headset
6. Seagate 8TB External Hard Drive

Does Xbox one have a gun controller?

Yes, it’s called MAG P90 Gun Controller.

Which is the best Xbox one?

The Xbox One X is the most powerful console ever made with 4-k compatibility.