Introduction to Xbox 360 wired controller

The Xbox 360 controller was first introduced in the market in 2005. This gaming controller comes in two versions: the wired and wireless type. The Xbox 360 wired controller type is connected to the computer’s system unit via USB ports in order to function while the wireless controller is operated using the AA batteries or the rechargeable ones. The wired Xbox controller has a flexible cord that makes it easy to use or rotate when playing while the wireless 360 Xbox is easy to move around with and makes it convenient to use at any corner of the house.

Xbox 360 wired controller – Layout

The Xbox 360 wired controller is designed to be held with two hands while playing for easy manoeuvring and control of the game. The face of the controller is featured with digital buttons and control sticks. It has the back and start button featured in the middle of the controller. The left and right analogue sticks are laid out at the bottom left and bottom right of the Xbox respectively. These analogue sticks are used to control the movement of the subjects playing in the game. In the middle of the analogue sticks, is the directional pad (D-pad) that is used for direction.

Different designs of the Xbox 360 wired controller

The Xbox 360 wired controller is designed in two different colours: white and black. Both of these designs are featured with all the digital control buttons. The Xbox controller has a 2.55mm headset connector that the player can use to connect the headset for oral communication. Despite having the two common colours, there were also other limited edition colours that were introduced. There was spartan green released to the market in September 2007, red that was introduced in September 2008, and green was released in mid-October 2008. The green controller had a 16-way directional pad, unlike the other controllers that had 8.

Extra limited Xbox wired controllers

The Xbox controller also had other limited editions that were released into the market for a short period of time. There was a radioactive design that was introduced to the market in the year 2009. It was an exclusive design that was only available in Australia at the time. It had a black left analogue stick while the right analogue stick and the Directional pad were red in colour. There was also the Fable III Xbox which was a special edition and was released in 2010. It had a black design with black analogue sticks, D-pad, and a shiny guide button.

Xbox 360 D-pad controllers

The Xbox 360 wired controllers came with different designs of the directional pad. These designs include Modern Warfare 3, Chrome Series, Gears of War 3, Tomb Raider, Transforming d-pad, Star Wars, Black S, and Halo 4. Most of these controllers were limited edition. The Modern Warfare 3 d-pad controller was released in 2011 and had a matte-grey finish on the surface and a concave look on the analogue sticks. The Chrome Series was a special edition introduced in 2012. It was available in six colours and featured standard colours on the face buttons.

Xbox 360 D-pad controllers

The Gears of War 3 was a limited edition introduced to the market in 2011. It had a metallic red colour on the controller, standard colours on the face buttons, and analogue sticks. The Star Wars was a limited edition and featured gold and black d-pad controllers. The Tomb Raider was a limited edition that was released in 2013. It had a red d-pad controller with a two-layer colour finish. The Halo 4 limited edition controller which was introduced in 2012 came in two different versions: Halo 4 branded and the UNSC edition.

Pros and Cons of the Xbox 360 wired controller

The Xbox 360 wired controller is the best option for racing and fighting games and is very flexible to use. The wired Xbox controller is easy to use since it only requires you to plug into the computer’s USB port and does not need any configuration. It has been designed to control both the Microsoft and window games. The wired Xbox will save you money from buying batteries since it only needs its cord to connect to the PC, unlike the wireless which needs batteries to function. The Xbox is also unlikely to face any reception issues with the game.

The wired Xbox is also less expensive compared to the wireless Xbox despite the quality being the same. It is also more convenient to control the subjects in a game due to the closeness of the player and the screen, unlike the wireless which may have lots of lag depending on the position and distance that the player is playing from. The wired Xbox is also comfortable to hold and use. However, one great disadvantage of the wired Xbox is that it has long wires and this may appear untidy to use for some people and the wires may keep crossing each other.