Next Generation Esports New Creations

The Next Generation Esports (NGE) is a contemporary esports production company. It focuses on enhancing the next generation of games, such as:

  • Paragon
  • Rocket League
  • Clash Royale
  • Vainglory

They are also responsible for the provision of premium end-to-end gaming services, such as:

  • League operations
  • Live events
  • Amateur tournaments
  • Content for gaming audiences

Also, NGE has gained prominence in the gaming industry due to their quick response to technological advancements and the needs of their clients.

Vindex And Next Generation Esports

With the previous funding of $60M, Vindex integrates Esports Engine and Next Generation Esports. Vindex, which is the builder of the platform, reported that the launch had been financed by the $60M revenue collected from Series A.

Also, the company made clear the acquisition of NGE, alongside the official launch of the undertakings from Esports Engine.

Vindex is set to receive support from various directors such as Steve Bornstein, the founder of ESPN.

The Origin Of Vindex

The veterans like Sundance DiGiovanni and Mike Sepso are the men behind the existence of Vindex.

Worth noting, they are also the ones who founded Major League Gaming (MLG), that Activision Blizzard later purchased it in 2005.

Vindex provides technology and premium services that sail the esports world.

Therefore, they help esports leagues, game publishers, and teams to actively engage with their fans all over the globe through the latest innovations in the industry.

Next Generation Esports Top Competitors

Currently, Allied Esports is recognized as Next Generation Esports’ number one competitor. Allied is a public company and was founded in 2015 in California.

Since then, it has grown it a huge company in the esporting world. In terms of the number of employees, it has 57 more than NGE.

INGAME Esports is the second NGE competitor. However, it is still young, owing to the fact that it was founded in 2018 in New Jersey.

Relevance Of The League

esport gaming

This is a league like never before. If you participate, you stand a chance to win prizes such as gaming kits from brands such as Viewsonic, TUF gaming, and the ASUS Republic of Gamers.

If I were you, I would grab this chance and have a lifetime experience.

The likes of Dr. Squach’s organic soaps and the restaurant chain Zaxby’s will also be involved. However, we are not sure whether NGE will participate in this tournament.

Will NGE Take Part In The Social Distancing League?

During these difficult times, people are experiencing hard times. Most of them are stuck in the house with nothing productive to do.

Students are not attending schools and many parents have lost their jobs due to the novel COVID-19. Therefore, the Social Distance League should be seen as an effort by the involved companies to make a difference.

During that time, learning hubs will be opened and participants will have a chance to learn new things.

Key Takeaways

It is believed by the bodies involved that after the league, people will change their perspective toward online gaming. Also, the collaboration with other notable organizations is a symbol that all is not lost, and that support can still be delivered to the community.

If you feel that this league is for you, then you are highly welcome to participate. The best of it is that you will be competing for huge sums of money, as well as other exciting prizes.

Next Generation Esports is an organization with rewarding gaming experiences. It is incredible that they understand what the world is currently going through and are out to offer support.

This is not, by any means, a marketing pitch but a call to note the efforts made by the NGE to show that they care for their audiences and community at large.

We hope that they have better things cooking for gamers who love to stay home and have fun as they make money.

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