Call of Duty Xbox One | Modern Warefare Review

When an esport game is released, there’s a risk of the game remaining stagnant in a changing market. To keep gamers on its radar, the game needs new series and releases that evolve and adapt to the current gaming market.

The Call of Duty trilogy was slowing becoming stagnant since its inception way back when gamers were using the Xbox 360. Modern Warfare was released as a new and adapted Call of Duty Xbox One.

This is a review of its success.

What is different in Modern Warfare on Xbox One?

The newly released esport Call of Duty trilogy bolsters three different game modes. These are:

  • Campaign
  • Multiplayer
  • Special ops

It brings more options compared to the predecessors. The new Modern Warfare does not follow the storyline of the original Modern Warfare. Infinity Ward, the developer, has opted to soft reboot and create a modern franchise. Modern Warfare on Xbox One is set in a fictional Middle-East country embroiled in a civil war.

The Campaign Mode in Call of Duty Xbox One

The campaign mode involves multiple protagonists who act in different plots. The protagonists level up in the different plots which combine to form the final mission.

The new campaign mode is made up of fourteen chapters designed in the latest esports standards. It involves several levels depicting military missions such as stealth missions and sniper missions.

The levels are combined in fourteen chapters to create a design that includes realistic missions in today’s military activities.

Changes in the Campaign Mode

The Campaign Mode in this game has new changes that have rejuvenated Call of Duty. The campaign slows down frequently but in a perfect balance to keep gamers hooked.

The campaign also draws in the ethical dilemma in wars. It pushes the moral levels of gamers to grey areas by including civilians in most missions.

A player can harm civilians if there is a need and at the end of each campaign, a collateral damage stat is given.

The Multiplayer Mode in Call of Duty Xbox One

In esports, the multiplayer modes are what many gamers yearn for.

The new Call of Duty Xbox One has a new multiplayer mode that has added a cyber attack mode to the existing modes:

  • Domination
  • Search and Destroy
  • Team Deathmatch

The cyber-attack involves a team trying to retrieve an electromagnetic pulse and planting it near an enemy base. The maps are more interactive and give teams the chance to use defensive tactics.

Also, players can now open and close doors in buildings.

Changes in the multiplayer mode

The multiplayer mode has been upgraded with cars, tanks, and helicopters now dominating the battlefield map. Players now have a variety of options on how they can attack their enemies.

The new multiplayer mode is providing players with more weapons and battle gadgets which unlock after a player advances in a career. Players can also customize their weapons to suit their style of play.

The new mode now includes many options that can be overwhelming for some players.

Special Ops Mode in Call of Duty Xbox One

Call of Duty Xbox One has introduced a new leveling up system in special ops mode. Special ops require constant communication and teamwork to achieve challenging missions.

The sets of guns and skills a team has determined the success of the team in different levels of the mission. Each player in a team now has a specific role to play in the battles. Players can be a medic, a recon, or a heavy trooper. Role utilization by the players determines team success.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare has upgraded incredible visuals for the Xbox One including HDR on Xbox One X. It has introduced dynamic systems for lightning, night-vision have modernized the game.

However, the upgrades are causing some technical problems such as lags and screen tears. The single-player is at its best but the multiplayer still needs some improvements.

In conclusion, the new Call of Duty Xbox One is a release that adapts to the new esports market.


Can you play COD on Xbox one?

Yes, you can. Xbox has released the new Modern Warfare version to the Xbox One console.

How much does call of duty cost on Xbox one?

The listing price for Call of Duty is $59.99

Does Call of Duty Modern Warfare have multiplayer mode?

Yes, you can now play this single-player game on a multiplayer mode for the first time!