Best Original Xbox Games of All Time

Microsoft’s entry into the console gaming industry was announced with brilliant games. Many of these have stood the test of time and remain among the best original Xbox games of all time.

With these incredible games in mind, here is an opportunity to put on your retro boots and reminisce about some of the most amazing gaming masterpieces that were designed for the original version.

Too many to mention them all, here are few to be remembered.

Best Original Xbox Game Jade Empire

Designed to feature tasty graphics and a stunning plotline, Jade Empire is an action RPG that took inspiration from ancient Chinese folklore and tales.

As one of the best Xbox original games, Jade Empire has a morality element in which specific actions by the player will reveal the path that they will find themselves on.

Each action has a meaning and purpose, so how your character is transformed throughout the game is clearly manifested. Points are awarded for the attainment of skills.

Best Original Xbox Game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The GTA series is one of the best console games out there. Its theme is based around street gangs and tells the story of their turf wars in 1990s LA.

This game was designed around San Andreas and includes:

  • Fast cars
  • Guns
  • Sex
  • Crime
  • Drugs
  • Money

Money can be earned through defeating rival gangs, burglary and even killing anyone with a lot of it. Get immersed into the life of a bad-ass gangster.

Best Original Xbox Game Halo 2

This classic has to feature on any list of the best original Xbox games ever. Halo 2 was not just a game. Many loved it so much it was almost an institution.

Different from the first offering, Halo 2 worked brilliantly with an online multiplayer feature that propelled this console to fame as one of the best live-gaming platforms.

Halo 2 offered super smooth gameplay along with bad guys that would become some of the most memorable of any game.

Best Original Xbox Game Fable

Fable is another worthy inclusion on this list of top original Xbox games. The fact that the game offered you the option to specialize in some abilities made it an epic release.

You could choose to be good or bad, which meant you had many ways to play.

It included a compelling story with cool moves and the ability to customize your character to adopt new armor and weaponry, which all added to the overall enjoyment factor.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

star wars xbox game

Many people are excited to explore Star Wars titles. The Knights of the Old Republic game features a similar style to Jade Empire with equally stunning and richly created worlds.

Set 4,000 years before the Galactic Empire was formed, the game allows characters to join either the Dark Side or the Light Side, depending on their actions as the game progresses.

With over 300 characters to encounter, the game effortlessly wins a spot among the best original Xbox games.

Beyond Good & Evil

Beyond Good & Evil stars Jade, an adventurer with a powerful stick and impressive martial skills.

If you enjoy solving puzzles, then this Xbox original could be among your most preferred games. Along with Pey’j, you have to fight in an exciting world set in 2435.

Jade’s mission is to rescue captured orphans. Using her powerful skills, she can push, pull, climb, run, sneak and fight in each level, and the game has tons of problems to solve.


Over the years, the original Xbox launched some classic games that remain amongst gamers’ top choices to this day.

Most of the titles that have made it onto the list of best original Xbox games were impactful, with innovative features and a powerful storyline.

We have listed just a few of our favorite original games, but there are many more titles that could also make a case for being included on a list of the best original Xbox games.


How many original Xbox games are there?

There are 864 games released in the USA. 6 of them are covered in this article.

How much are original Xbox games worth?

That depends completely on the game and if it’s a disc only or if the game is still in mint condition inside the box.
Prices vary anywhere from 50$ up to a couple of hundred dollars.

Is the original Xbox still good?

It’s an awesome console and it’s still played all over the world by gaming fans.
The only problem with the old original unit is the storage and it lacks hardware improvements. Also, it doesn’t support the 4-k resolution as most of the new consoles do.