Are eSports Sports?

A sport can be defined as anything that needs strong competition, training, acquiring of skill sets, and body-eye coordination. When you compare an eSports game such as Dota 2 and a football game, they both need training, concentration, and finally, competition. While eSports is played online, it still involves physical involvement as the hands do a lot of work of pressing and pulling of different keys, buttons and triggers. The hands still undergo a lot of stress exposing the player to physical strain. So, are eSports sports? The answer is yes because it involves almost every aspect present in any traditional sport.

The Definition of eSports

Electronic sports are online game facilitated by an electronic system including consoles and computers. eSports players play in a very competitive environment against other experienced players. The game can either be a professional setup where players set up teams and play against others, or it can take the form of a fun, adventurous bonding game between family members or friends. Video game enthusiasts participate in a wide range of eSports games including fighter games, arcades, etc. Players that have never met can still form a team and defeat their opponents. Just like other sports, these games also have a huge fanbase and sponsorship.

eSports Games

eSports games are divided into different categories to suit different types of players according to skills and preferences. The games are also divided into tournaments and leagues according to the specific game. It is not easy to categorize these games into specific genres but most popular eSports games come in four main types. The first types are the strategy games which are also divided into two including the real-time strategy (RTS) games and multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA). Others include the fighting games, sports games, and first-person shooter (FPS) games. All these games involve skills and teamwork like other sports.

eSports Fans

eSports also have a huge fan base just like traditional sports. The fans support the existence of this game and enjoy watching their favourite players make risky decisions as they compete. The fans know the nature of the competitive games, the players and various organizations that take part in the success of the game. The more eSports is growing in popularity, the more its acquiring a wider fan base. There is an increased number of people viewing the games on eSports every day. Players that like betting also have the chance to wager on their favourite games.

eSports Players

eSports has very renowned players that have grown in the game and mastered the gaming skills perfectly. The popularity of eSports players is measured by different things including their wins, viewership, and the reputation they have in various social media platforms. The most renowned eSports players include the likes of Coldzera, Faker, Karma, etc. eSports fans have mastered their favourite players and can name them easily. The most famous players on this sport mostly participate in popular games such as CS:GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, and Overwatch. The popular players have managed to accumulate much wealth just playing this electronic game.

Is there money in eSports

eSports is a lucrative market generating a lot of income for players, video game producers, and brands. eSports players make a lot of money playing. The tournaments boast a lot of money which players can split between winning teams and different players after the event. Top players in eSports can earn up to seven figures in a year. Players also earn from other sources such as league salaries, sponsorship, and endorsements. Other people than benefit from money generated by eSports include event organizers and teams that make money from ticket sales for the competitions.

Traditional Sports vs. eSports

As far as eSports can be considered a sport, it still has major factors that set it apart from traditional sports. The major difference is that you don’t need two teams to play eSports. eSports players do not even need to be present physically to play. As long as they have a good Internet connection and a good console, players can still compete against each other without problems. Unlike traditional sports, eSports constantly undergo minor changes and updates every season changing the way it’s played. Players, therefore, need to be flexible and updated to play effectively.

So, as far as eSports can be categorised as a form of sport, there are still factors that set it apart. Every sport is different in its own way and eSports is not an exception. There are different types of players, different skills and strategies involved in playing this electronic sport. The similarities are, however, more observable than the differences between eSports and traditional sports. It involves a lot of skills, competition, and brain and body activities. Players also earn a substantial income playing eSports just the same way players that participate in traditional sports do.